Our History

How It Began

Before Honey Brook Community Church even began, a vision for ministry to the community of Honey Brook was birthed in 1983 by Steeple to People Ministries. During the next few years, three events, Vacation Bible School on Ivan Stoltzfus’ farm, Kids’ Clubs on Gideon Stoltzfus’ farm, and Summer Camps at Camp Andrews in Holtwood, PA, were developed to meet the goals of this vision. In June of 1999, a group of families, desiring to serve the community of Honey Brook and join the vision of Steeple to People, founded Honey Brook Community Church.

The congregation, initially composed of 66 charter members and their families, met at the Honey Brook Gardens for a few months and then moved to Honey Brook Grange Hall, located along Route 10. Again, after approximately 2 years, the congregation then moved to the Honey Brook Elementary Center on Walnut Road, and met there from 2001 until the fall of 2018. During those years, the congregation continued to be involved in Vacation Bible School, Kids’ Clubs, and Summer Camps. Members and Youth from the congregation also volunteered at the Honey Brook Youth Center, sharing the love of Jesus with the children and youth from the community.

In 2011, the congregation spent the entire month of November in prayer, seeking direction from God to know if, when, and where a church building would be built, and if it would meet the vision of serving the Honey Brook community. In February of the following year, just 3 months later, God answered these prayers, and the property at 3940 Horseshoe Pike, where Honey Brook Community Church is currently, became available for purchase. Over the next few months, God provided in miraculous ways, and the congregation was able to purchase the property. In 2017, HBCC began construction of the auditorium, which was completed in 2018.

Honey Brook Community Church’s vision in the community of Honey Brook has been, and continues to be, to equip individuals and families to disciple, to evangelize, and to serve the fatherless, widows, and local organizations in Honey Brook. The goal is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who came to serve, not to be served. At the same time, HBCC seeks to send those in its community who are called to make disciples beyond the town of Honey Brook.



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