Our Purpose & Mission

Our Motto:

Broken to Be a Blessing

Our Purpose & Mission Statement:

We exist to glorify God by being and making disciples in our families, our Honey Brook Community, and beyond.

Our Vision:

Honey Brook Community Church is focused on inviting Jesus to heal the broken-hearted, bring peace to the emotionally wounded, and life to the spiritually sick.

We focus on being a church where people…
recognize their brokenness,
encounter Jesus,
surrender their Body, Soul, and Spirit to the Lord Jesus,
find wholeness through the cross,
and find life through Christ’s resurrection.

In the town of Honey Brook, our focus is to equip individuals and families to disciple, to evangelize, and to serve the fatherless, widows, and local organizations in Honey Brook. Our goal is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who came to serve, not to be served. At the same time, we seek to send those in our community who are called to make disciples beyond the town of Honey Brook.

Core Values:

Exuberantly expressing love while embracing the deep truths of God’s Word

Generously giving with thanksgiving in all things

Strategically utilizing the gifts of each member