The Apartments

The Apartments at Honey Brook Community Church consist of 28 independent living apartments for residents over the age of 55. The vision of the Apartments is to see a group of seniors in our community experience an exceptional living environment that is life-changing because they are in a community initiated and hosted by the church at HBCC.

The Apartments provide a unique opportunity to be involved in and serve people from the Honey Brook community while also being a source of funding ministries central to the vision of HBCC.

The Mission of the Apartments is to further the mission of the church in discipleship by:

1. Providing a connection point for ministry and discipleship in our local community

2. Providing resources for those discipling in and beyond our local community

3. Providing opportunities to learn and grow in Christ-like communication

4. Providing a context to develop skills and express gifts by those in HBCC